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1biggri SERVER RULES on Thu May 19, 2011 2:13 pm


Server Owner / Admin
Server Owner / Admin
Pindeho MU Season 4 Episode 2


1] Do not use offensive, unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing,
defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racial, ethical and/or other
objectionable, pejorative and/or derogatory language towards any other
user or staff member.

2] Do not share your account information with another person. This is a private matter and it is under your own
responsibility. Sharing your account information means that you are
fully aware of the consequences (Account Theft). Staff will not in any way be responsible of any loss in your account.

3] Absolutely nobody from Staff will ever ask for your account information. In case one does, it is your responsibility to take it as a proof, and you are free to report it. In addition, absolutely nobody from Staff
will ever ask for your items. In case someone does, you are free to report it.

4] Reporting a Staff Member will not cause you any
troubles if you have the adequate proof. Defaming the Staff is
not permitted in any way, so be extremely careful, as your proof must be
clear, legit and reliable.

5] Attempting to scam or defraud
another user is strictly prohibited. Any such case will lead to a
permanent block of your account.

6] In no way modifying the Client is allowed. All modifications other than the ones released
by the Staff are strictly prohibited.

7] Advertising Cheats, Hacks, Websites, Servers or anything not offered by the Server is strictly prohibited.

8] Selling Account / Items for real Money or anything , is strictly prohibited.

9] Do not ask about items/zen or buying/selling/trading/events to Admins / GMs.

10] During Event on server if any player disturb it and disrespect the GM , he will get
automatically DC ..If he Keep doing it he will get Ban ..!

11] Impersonating in any kind of way, any member of the Staff, is strictly
prohibited. Using a Username of a Staff member is not allowed in any
way. The actual Staff members are in the [Support] Guild.

12] All data contained on this Server is property of Pindeho MU. You are not allowed to buy or sell your items for real money with another user. Any such attempt is strictly prohibited. Pindeho MU will not in any way be
responsible for you being scammed for buying or selling in such an
illegitimate way. The Staff reserves the right to immediately
take action against your account in such a case. However you may
purchase in-game items legitimately by accessing the Pindeho MU Online WebShop.

13] You may not register more than one account. Any case
of multiple account usage will result in termination of all your
accounts as well as a permanent IP Address block.

14] Making Events considered as Illegal and is strictly prohibited. Only Admins and GMs are allowed.

15] Excessive spamming in /post is prohibited

NOTE: Obey these Rules to Avoid being Punished. Thank you!

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