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Game Master Rules

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1biggri Game Master Rules on Thu May 19, 2011 2:20 pm


Server Owner / Admin
Server Owner / Admin
1. Never ignore other players/members
2. Never swear/curse at players/members
3. Never Disconnect players/members without a valid reason
4. Never ask players/members for their account information or Items
5. Be Professional, do not be bias to players/members no matter how they treat you
6. Stay in Hide Mode if you are AFK (away from keyboard), or better stay in GM summon zone
7. Don't use ! global chat to talk with other GMs, use guild chat instead
8. Don't move players in exile if they are not breaking any rule
9. Don't DC or move player to exile or to any other maps while he/she has his/her store open
10. Never abuse your Power/Authority
11. Never act like GM With your regular character ( but answer questions if someone asks one)
12. Spend more time with your GM character to show commitment in your position
13. Be accountable for any actions you make
14. Do not represent the whole Team if you are only relying on your intuition or opinion
15. Never give your account information to anybody else

* If you will see GameMasters
breaking one of the aforementioned Rules, feel
free to report at forums ( Report section ) together with valid proofs *

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