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Discussion for LAG/Server Delay problems while playing..

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Game Master
Game Master
I just noticed that some of our co-players here kept saying about server lag and asking to what happened about the server..
So, here's the answer for that problem..
We the players are encountering problems with our Internet Connection , the ISP(Inter Service Provider) for example: Smart Bro, Bayan Tel , PLDT..

Guys, Don't just say that the server is having trouble..and don't ever say any BADWORDS co'z you may get some punishment for that Smile,,

It's your connection Smile , so be patient and don't blame the server.

If you want to play and level your character with no delay of time, then be online and try to play from 1am to 7am, try it for best results.

P.S : You may ask a question here and i will try to answer it. Thank You..

Here i uploaded this sample picture to let some of us understand.
Discussion for LAG/Server Delay problems while playing.. Sample1

Request Timed Out :> it means we lost the connection and will bring to disconnection.
Once this problem will occur many times, we'll experience more DELAY. That is why when we play any online game, it is so laggy.

Another cause of game server DELAY is when someone in the cafe is playing any video browsers. so be advised that it will use more connection to load causing your game response slowly.

If you are playing in cafe's , ask a permission from the server to lock down all video browser to minimize the delay while playing any online game.

I hope you now understand.

Discussion for LAG/Server Delay problems while playing.. Himala
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