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1biggri PHMU GAME GUIDES [ Important] on Tue Nov 08, 2011 1:41 pm


Game Master
Game Master
Hi Guys, here are some of my Guides in playing PindehoMu Season4 Ep2.

So, First Guide is for getting Zen more easily.

1. Find someone and ask him/her for a party.
2. Warp your character in Stadium and kill Mobs.
3. Lot some zen and look at your inventory Smile,

BE ADVISED : Once you picked up the zen, look at first your inventory and make sure it wont go higher than 2 BILLION, the reason why we used to do this is because Higher value of zen which is more than 2Billion is known as BUG, and will cause you nothing But 0 zen when you log-out or switch character.

Second Guide is for leveling:

#'s 1 and 2 is a Guide for low resets (2-3 reset characters):

1. Make at least 50 levels at Lorencia Map Upper Gate and then Warp to Stadium.
2. Locate yourself at the Gate Coordinate (66,98), and Kill Mobs ( Easy to Kill, High Exp ).
3. Do Guide number one, and then look for Coordinates ( 30,85) ->Twin Tale , ( 30,75 ) ->DreadFear, ( 30,40 ) ->Fire Golem ..


Third Guide is for Gaining Credits and Buying Items in WEBSHOP:

1. Visit the website and Click for "Votes Us".
2. Log-in your account.
3. Log-in your account in WEBSHOP which is the same account you entered when you vote.
3. Vote in each Link, there are 5 links to be voted.

Now, here's what we gonna do.

4. Once you click a Link, it will add 1200 credits. You must buy an item first before you vote again for another Link. Do not vote all the Links at the same time to AVOID REPLACEMENT OF YOUR CURRENT CREDITS!

There is no addition of credits in PindehoMu's webshop, Our admin is fixing this problem. So, be patient.


Guide for Buying an Item to avoid any REPORTS! : (Very Important)

1. Look at first your ingame VAULT.
2. Empty the upper slot .
3. Do not put any FREEBIE ITEMS and SEEDS. If you have that in your vault then GET everything , grab it to your inventory.
4. Now, close your vault and Buy an ITEM.


Monitor your internet connection before/while buying.


Guide for Window Mode:

1. If you have a Launcher of other mu-online server, open it and change the options.
2. Check the Box for WINDOW MODE.
3. Set your screen Resolution in 600x800 or just choose.
4. Now, Log-in or connect to PindehoMu.

This is also an Important thing to do. The reason is that we can use MULTI TASKING , while playing , we can view the updates in our forum.

and Please Do this., Our server needs our cooperation.. KEEP UPDATED! be online in FORUM..

To our Mu-Staffs:
Please remind me if I am missing something.
just reply here Smile, Thank You and more POWER!

PHMU GAME GUIDES [ Important] Himala
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2biggri Re: PHMU GAME GUIDES [ Important] on Tue Nov 08, 2011 6:24 pm


PindehoMU Newbie
PindehoMU Newbie
/guide approved

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